7 Fun Fall Activities to Enjoy in Central Virginia

7 Fun Fall Activities to Enjoy in Central Virginia

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7 Fun Fall Activities to Enjoy in Central Virginia

Autumn is a season full of pleasant weather, beautiful colors, and unique opportunities to spend time with friends and family. Ironically, even as plants fade away, fall also represents a chance for a new beginning, as many academic and professional seasons begin anew with the cooling weather. If you are excited to take advantage of all the fun and community that the season offers, then be sure to check out our list of the top seven fall activities to enjoy in Central VA!

• Visit a local farmer’s market. With so many beautiful rural landscapes surrounding the urban and suburban communities of central Virginia, it is no surprise that one of the most popular activities in this region is the tradition of farmers markets. If you enjoy purchasing a diverse and delicious selection of fruits, veggies, and other treats straight from the farm, then you are sure to enjoy this activity — especially during the fall season. New residents in the area are sure to enjoy these perfect opportunities to make traditional treats such as apple chips, pumpkin pies, and butternut squash dishes!

• Decorate for the season. Carving pumpkins for Halloween, creating fruit bouquets for Thanksgiving, or even getting together an early and folksy Christmas displays are all fun ideas for this special and holiday-packed time of year. And the aforementioned abundance of fruit and vegetables, in addition to the good spirit of the local residents, make Central Virginia a perfect place for anyone who enjoys such activities.

• Go to the beach. Once the summer crowds have gone, all that remains are the beautiful coastal landscapes and seaside wildlife. If you enjoy nature, then there is nothing better than the tranquil Atlantic coast in the autumn!

• Make a trip to the big city. Museums, coffee shops, football games, art galleries, baseball, aquariums, and much more — the opportunities offered by nearby cities such as Washington D.C. and Richmond, VA are unlimited. And this is especially true in the autumn months, when road trips are easier and school discount offers are most popular!

• Participate in the harvest. In addition to farmers markets, pick-it-yourself activities such as pumpkin patches and apple orchards make for fascinating and educational day trips. Alternatively, for adults, cider orchards and vineyards make for a uniquely romantic adventure.

• Travel to a state park. Claytor lake, Grayson Highlands, Fairy Stone, and a variety of other popular state parks help make Virginia the popular tourist destination that it is — and these same attractions also make for excellent and easily accessible destinations for state residents. The natural beauty of fall time, in addition to the deceased tourist crowds, makes autumn a special time in the region.

• Try a corn maze, hay ride, or bonfire. Opportunities to partake in these traditional autumn activities abound in Central Virginia — and the natural beauty in the area is second to none!

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