Prepping Your Home for Cold Weather

Posted by Gratton Stephens // December 13, 2017

One aspect of living in east-central Virginia that many residents grow to love is the climate. Virginia is a four-season state, which means plenty of variety — from the cold and snowy months of winter, to the humid “dog days” of summer, to the crisp beauty of fall, to the eternal hopefulness of spring.    At the […]

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The Top 4 Trending Home Features of 2017

Posted by Gratton Stephens // December 6, 2017

Home value is determined by a wide array of factors — some of which are very universal and consistent. For example, regardless of what part of the country you live in and what type of market you are buying/selling in, the following items are bound to have an impact on the price:    Historic sales prices, especially […]

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School Districts Remain a Top Concern For Home Buyers

Posted by Gratton Stephens // November 1, 2017

Housing markets fluctuate, neighborhoods evolve, and the economy is always changing. But there are a few important values that homebuyers will never stop caring about. Location, safety, price, size, and amenities are a few good examples of this — and for many people, especially parents, school districts rank at the top of this list. Let’s […]

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Fall Time Lawn and Yard Care

Posted by Gratton Stephens // October 25, 2017

Normally, it’s springtime that we associate with green lawns and beautiful yards. But lush, healthy grass doesn’t happen by accident — it is the result of hard work and dedication that starts months beforehand. If you want your grass to come up healthy and well-nourished next spring, the time to take action is now. Aerate. […]

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Easy Halloween Decoration Tips for your Home

Posted by Gratton Stephens // October 18, 2017

Seasonal home decoration is tremendous fun for kids and grownups alike. And for those looking to sell their homes, a bit of tasteful decoration can do a lot to improve the charm and appeal that your house naturally boasts. Read on to learn a few of our favorite tips for Halloween decorations and seasonal home […]

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Creative Ideas for Outings In Central Virginia

Posted by Gratton Stephens // October 11, 2017

Central Virginia is one of the most historically interesting and culturally vibrant areas in the entire country, and it offers a diverse array of activities that are sure to suit almost any taste and every lifestyle. Below, you will find a few of our favorite suggestions, sorted into three categories: families, couples, and singles. (Of […]

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5 Simple Ways to Raise Your Credit Score

Posted by Gratton Stephens // October 4, 2017

Whether you realize it or not, your credit score affects your life in a variety of ways. Obviously, it can determine whether or not you are accepted for home, business, car, student, and personal loans. It can also affect the amount you pay for utilities, your ability to pay with plastic, and whether or not […]

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4 Fantastic Family Outings in Central Virginia

Posted by Gratton Stephens // September 27, 2017

  There are many reasons why Central Virginia is one of the best areas in the US for raising a family — ranging from the reassuring safety statistics to the beautiful weather to the impressive school districts and much more. But one of our favorite aspects of central Virginia is the sheer amount of family-friendly […]

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Is Fall a Sellers Market?

Posted by Gratton Stephens // September 21, 2017

Home buying and home selling are two of the most important financial transactions that most people make in their entire lives — which is why many of us stress over every single detail, looking for as many methods as possible of finding a good deal and getting the upper hand in negotiations. Because home purchases […]

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7 Fun Fall Activities to Enjoy in Central Virginia

Posted by Gratton Stephens // September 6, 2017

7 Fun Fall Activities to Enjoy in Central Virginia

Autumn is a season full of pleasant weather, beautiful colors, and unique opportunities to spend time with friends and family. Ironically, even as plants fade away, fall also represents a chance for a new beginning, as many academic and professional seasons begin anew with the cooling weather. If you are excited to take advantage of […]

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