Easy Halloween Decoration Tips for your Home

Easy Halloween Decoration Tips for your Home

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Seasonal home decoration is tremendous fun for kids and grownups alike. And for those looking to sell their homes, a bit of tasteful decoration can do a lot to improve the charm and appeal that your house naturally boasts. Read on to learn a few of our favorite tips for Halloween decorations and seasonal home decor in general.

Our Favorite Halloween Ideas

Get Creative With Your Jack O’Lanterns. They are the epitome of Halloween tradition. They are lots of fun to make, and they are one of the most affordable decoration options out there. Carving Jack O┬┤Lanterns is sure to be a lifelong memory for the whole family — and a truly creative design could make your home more memorable for guests and potential buyers, as well. This Jack O┬┤Lantern guide from the DIY network is pretty neat — but there are literally thousands of ideas all across the web for the curious and/or inspired.

Replace Store-Bought Halloween Items with DIY Decor. Plastic Halloween decorations from the store might be the easiest option — but they are also grossly overpriced, surprisingly breakable, and they offer less opportunity for creative family fun. Why not try making some of these easy and affordable DIY Halloween decoration ideas from Moneycrashers.com instead? The backyard cemetery, giant spiders, and floating hands are some of our personal favorites from this awesome list of ideas.

Try Your Hand at Making Some of These Halloween Treats. Halloween is all about the sweets — which is precisely why baking some goodies is so appropriate for this holiday! The smell of fresh-baked goods is especially enticing during the cool months of autumn, and anyone selling their home has likely heard the classic staging tip about making the kitchen smell delicious! Here is a guide to some fun Halloween recipes from the BBC food blog. And if you are looking for some folksy fall meals to get the kids eating a bit of real food, this Food Network Fall Recipes page offers some of the easiest yet most delicious meals we’ve ever tried.

General Tips for Decoration When Selling Your House

Balance Convention and Creativity. Overly predictable decoration cliches can come off as tacky — and getting too wacky with your decorating style is probably even worse. Try to find a good decorating balance that is simultaneously tasteful yet distinctive.

Set the Tone — But Don’t Overwhelm. Even two or three well-placed decorations can help create a fun and festive mood for your home. Nine or ten decorations? That can be a bit too much. Over-decorating is a more common mistake for most home sellers, so try to err on the side of caution when creating your seasonal designs.

Customize It. Seasonal decorations should always take into account the local peculiarities of how your area experiences each season. For example, snow-themed decor might make for the perfect Christmas decoration in the Northeast — but there is no reason to force such a look for someone living in the south! For those in the Central Virginia area, this overview of the most famous Virginia holiday traditions may be an interesting read!

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