Fall Time Lawn and Yard Care

Fall Time Lawn and Yard Care

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Normally, it’s springtime that we associate with green lawns and beautiful yards. But lush, healthy grass doesn’t happen by accident — it is the result of hard work and dedication that starts months beforehand. If you want your grass to come up healthy and well-nourished next spring, the time to take action is now.

  • Aerate. This often-overlooked aspect of lawn care is very important in the fall time especially for grass that is growing in heavy and/or clay-rich soil. Though putting small holes in your lawn may seem counterintuitive, the truth is that any marks you make will quickly disappear — whereas the positive effects of aeration will keep your lawn looking great for months. This is because aeration allows for increased access to oxygen and water that would otherwise never have penetrated through dense soil. A manual spike aerator can get the job done while providing a heck of a workout, but if you want to make the job quicker and easier on yourself, then you may wish to consider an inexpensive rental of an electric aerator.
  • Reseed as needed. Now is a good time to reseed any patches where grass has worn down or died. Though the winter months may seem harsh, it is better to give your seedlings a chance to absorb moisture and nutrients now so that they come up stronger when warm weather returns. You can repeat this process once again when spring comes around as well, but getting a head start now will ensure that your lawn looks better, sooner.
  • Fertilize. To strengthen your roots and give your grass the nutrition it needs to make it through the cold winter months, most experts recommend fertilizing your lawn one last time at the end of fall. This will also help replenish your soil, which has been working hard all summer long, and may be losing important nutrients that help promote plant growth. Two quick warnings, however. You should never fertilize ground that has frozen over, and you should understand that leaving more than the manufacturer’s recommended amount of fertilizer can be worse than not fertilizing at all!
  • Rake. It can be tempting to just forget about those last leaves of autumn, especially as the weather becomes increasingly chilly. Why go work outside when sipping coffee by the fireplace sounds so much better, right? The problem is that leftover leaves are not harmless. They prevent your grass from getting any sunlight and nutrients, for one — and they can become moldy, which will lead to increased allergies come springtime.
  • Mow extra short. Once again, this fall time lawn care job is all about mold. Keeping your grass short for the winter will help protect it against this threat, while keeping your yard looking a bit better to boot.

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